11 Signs Of People Suffering From Concealed Depression

What is depression? You could say it is a state of mind where people who are capable of creating happiness in their lives and the lives of people around them, cannot get up to start actually doing it. Depression is a state of being unable to take the first step, like being down in a hole or stuck. Anybody can be depressed, and if a person has never been depressed in their life something is wrong.

People pathologize “depression,” and an entire world of false solutions to the feeling exist. Here are some actual habits to recognize when people are depressed. However, there is nothing abnormal about being depressed, and if you’ve never been depressed, you must not be recognizing some things in life that aren’t easy to accept, that need recognition.

1. Cries for help

It’s easy for this type of thing to sound stupid when you call an action a “cry for help.” However this is a real thing. When somebody asks you to talk, talk to them. Just take a little bit of your time out to talk to your friend.

2. Having to pretend to enjoy things

If you don’t enjoy the same things that most people do, are you depressed? No, not necessarily at all. In fact, you’re probably just aware that everything everybody enjoys is hollow.

There is a category of thing in life that anybody can appreciate, but most people like a dumbed down version of it. For example there’s music. A person might hate pop music but love underground music that most people don’t know about.

Justin Bieber: mainstream

They aren’t depressed about all music, they just have to pretend to like things they don’t around other people to conceal what they consider depression, but it isn’t.

K-Rino: not mainstream

3. Looping emotions

Looping emotions are when you feel a certain thing like anxiety or sadness, and knowing the fact that you feel that makes the emotion strike worse. The cycle has to be broken by forcing yourself to get up and do something.

4. They can be paradoxical

“Depressed people” can be seemingly paradoxical because they are social yet anti-social, introverted yet extroverted. It would be more fitting to identify these as symptoms of intelligent people, and here’s why.

Depression happens for a reason: intelligent people can become easily depressed and disappointed in this society because they might try to go out and be social, only to find everyone is interested in doing dumb things. They might try to be extroverted, only to realize they don’t like what anybody else does.

5. They can suppress emotions

This is like the early stage of a person’s depression, which may really be discontent with life: they suppress their feelings.

When you’re around people, how can you not try to act like everything is all good? It’s just a fine line between suppressing emotions and being sociable while still being real.

6. Strange eating and sleeping habits

Now this is a true symptom of lingering depression. How do you feel when something really bad happens to you, like you’re in a break-up or a family member passes away? You don’t want to eat, and you might not be able to sleep. Or, you might sleep too much. For some reason this is how people are.

7. Always searching for a purpose in life

This is what all people should be doing, and another correlation between depressed people and intelligent people.

Most people don’t understand that this is what everyone should be doing. However there’s definitely a way to take it too far. People who have suffered from depression for a long time might become really dogmatically fixated to a purpose that might not even suit them, as a transition out of that feeling. If you leave a person to their own devices, they will figure it out: or not, but nobody can do it but themselves.

8. They are thinkers

Again, intelligent people in this world get depressed because we’re the bottom class of people and we’re not designed to win.

9. They don’t trust easily

Why would a person who has little to treasure and cherish be willing to trust a person easily?

10. Assume they are hated by everyone

This is a serious symptom more characteristic of true depression: believing that you are hated by everyone. If you’re intelligent and you think things are stupid that everybody else likes, you might start to get the feeling that you’re hated by everyone.

11. They do things their way

Again, this is a sign of intelligence. Depressed people don’t have a reserve of stability and good feelings to tap into if they take a loss: they do things their way, and are for good reason unwilling to compromise where they know it will not suit them.

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