A Chart Exposes the Names and Connections of Who Rules the World

By now, anybody who cares to read this article is probably already aware of the fact that the world is run by oligarchs: people who get their way no matter what, and form alliances to live wealthy, greedy lives that are far more complex and convoluted than the life of an ordinary citizen.

To get into the mental space of the elite, and understand how they can have so many schemes, connections, and conspiracies (despite the hype surrounding that word, it is the most fitting here both verbally and legally), we must get into the mental space of a psychopath.

While many psychopaths of previous generations have been provided with opportunities to ruthlessly climb the ladder to the top and be “the best,” the people with less money and opportunities and later generations who had psychopathy didn’t necessarily get that ability, thank god. One commenter in an irrelevant Reddit thread about Courtney Love said something today about a probable psychopath, his former sister in law. The comment said:

“I agree. She’s not smart but she’s manipulative. My ex sister in law is probably the dumbest person I’ve ever met when it comes to most measures of intelligence. She can’t manage money, she can’t do elementary level homework with my nephew, she can barely even function. She’s in and out of homelessness but the tales she can spin make Gone Girl look plebian. She’s ten steps ahead with plotting out lies to manipulate people and she’s doing it constantly. Other people are just things to manipulate to try and control them. It’s pretty impressive. I think Courtney plotted it.”

That’s important: a psychopath can be lacking in every other capacity, except the one necessary for manipulation, connections, schemes. The mind of a psychopath, a scheming person who may make a billion different corrupt business connections from which fruitful and heartless deals arise, is just like this.

So when people ask those who understand the Bilderberg Group to explain how such a wide-ranging, all encompassing conspiracy could possibly exist, realize that it’s in the psychoology of a psychopath.

Every ounce of energy that would normally be devoted to other thoughts, other activities, are diverted in a narrow line toward the thought processes necessary for human manipulation and scheming in the mind of a psychopath, and that is absolutely what these elite people are, whether it is secondary psychopathy or primary.

Why is all of this info about psychopathy necessary? This chart is full of Bilderberg Group members, and it is filled with nothing but psychopaths. In the center of the chart, Bilderberg Group member names can be found, and if you follow the lines from those names to corporations, think tanks, political powers, and more, you’ll see just how the world is run.

Really click this image and read the names at the center of the circle. Research them.

If you really, truly want to know what this world is made of, why we have to participate in wage slavery to earn dollars, and why things are how they are, you need to study this map. Just take one name out of this map, closest to the center of the circle, and research it.

Let’s just pick one name off the map and see what he’s up to: Peter Mandelson.

Peter Mandelson is the president of an international think tank. International think tanks are the way decisions truly get made, where you want to look rather than the political theater you see on television if you want to know who runs the world.

He Is a British Labour politician, a former Member of Parliament from 1992 to 2004, and he has held various cabinet positions in the UK.

The man is a schemer: he uses his political power for financial gain, and as all psychopaths desire, he probably wanted power even more than money.

One example of his corruption comes from his connection to the ALCOA, Aluminum Company of America. You know, the corporation connected to the history of water fluoridation, the big aluminum company in America that helped aluminum production’s byproduct fluoride get into the water supply.

Well, he’s tight with the Rothschilds, Russian oligarchs, Jewish businessmen, and aluminum bosses alike.

He was the former EU commissioner, and he had dinner with his Russian oligarch friend Deripaska and Nat Rothschild over a £500m deal.In fact, Rothschild tried and failed to sue the Daily Mail for reporting on their meeting. According to the Guardian:

“It was a week-long libel case which offered an intimate, if brief, glimpse into the lives of the politically powerful and super-rich: impulse trips to Russia in a pair of private jets, birch-leaf beatings in a communal sauna, and an impromptu game of ice hockey, with staff members roped in to make up the numbers.

It was resolved by multimillionare financier Nat Rothschild failing to win damages over the Daily Mail’s claims he was a “puppet master”. The paper said Rothschild took Lord Mandelson on a trip to Moscow and Siberia to impress a key business contact, exposing Mandelson, the then-EU trade commissioner, to allegations of a conflict of interest.”

That was literally one name cherry picked out of the massive infographic above in this article, and look how revealing it was.

Did you even know a “Nat Rothschild” existed? Well here he is, and he tried to sue the Daily Mail for reminding you of his existence and connection to Bilderberg Group attendee Peter.

Research more names on that list, and you won’t be disappointed. You’ll truly learn something about how the world is, and why it has to be so corrupt.

You’ll learn something about why we have to live the way we do, and you might even figure out a solution so the common people can be less preyed upon by this class of people that psychopaths gravitate toward.

(Image credit: Wiki, the Guardian, Collective Evolution)

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